About Us

Our Mission

Borer Newman provides comprehensive mental health care for the music industry, highlighting the human experience of those who work in it. After 20+ years of involvement in the music business, Zack Borer and Dr. Chayim Newman decided to apply their mental health backgrounds and clinical experience to serve the industry on a larger scale. Though mental health has always been a significant issue, the music community has begun to acknowledge an industry-wide mental health crisis. Right now presents a potent — and perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stem the tide of this crisis and usher in bold, systemic change.

Meet the Founders

With over 20 years of experience in mental health support and program development within the music industry.
Dr. Chayim Newman
PhD, C.Psych
Zack Borer

The Team

Our Professionals:

The Borer Newman team consists of licensed professionals: mental health clinicians, nutritionists/dieticians, certified trainers and fitness experts, all who have spent extensive time within the music industry and understand its unique challenges, needs and dynamics.

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